AIHEC and Tribal College Journal


The central office of AIHEC is located in Alexandria, VA; the AIHEC Tribal College Journal office is located in Mancos, CO.


Carrie L. Billy
Erykah Wilkerson
President & CEO
Executive Assistant to the President & CEO Events Coordinator

Tina Cooper Vice President of Finance & Administration
Jurgita Antoine Native Language Research Director
Kathy Aplan Communications & Public Relations Associate
Patrese Atine Director of Congressional/Federal Relations
Frank Brannon Environmental Programs Coordinator
Katherine Cardell Senior Data Associate for Student Success
Reno Charette Aseto’ne Network Project Director
Kathy DePalma Grants Administrator
Morgan Gifford Program Coordinator
Alex Grandon CI Coordinator
Maggie Grandon Aseto’ne Program Assistant & 1994 EXCITE Engagement Coordinator
Jana Hanson IR & Assement Director
Russell Hofmann Climate Science Facilitator
Mary Johnson Program Associate for Native Languages
Al Kuslikis Sr. Associate for Strategic Initiatives
Lisa LaCroix Aseto’ne Mentor Coordinator
Gary McCone Library & Information Services
Anissa McKenna Tribal Climate Resilience
Erica Moore Executive Director of Native Student Success
Amber Morseau Research Coordinator for Native Student Success
Grace Mukupa Associate Director of Connections for Student Success
John Phillips AIHEC Tribal Land Grant & VISTA Director
Stacia Prue Office Assistant and Student Services Associate
Anthony Quander Senior Accountant
Bradley Shreve TCJ Managing Editor
Darius Taylor Deputy Director of Equity, Education Innovation & Research
Marvene Tom Accounts Administrator and Advertising Sales


Jim Bottum Director of Cyberinfrastructure Operations
Kathy Isaacson Native FEWS Director
Dale Smith Campus Cyberinfrastructure Consultant