Government Relations

TCU Priorities for the 2020 Presidential Candidates

The top priorities that AIHEC and TCUs seek from the next Administration:

  1. Re-establish a Separate Executive Order on Tribal Colleges and Universities
  2. Full Operations funding for all Tribal Colleges and Universities
  3. Address TCU Facilities Needs – Commit Resources to the TCCUAA Facilities Fund
  4. Establish a TCU Broadband/Technology Fund within USDA-Rural Utilities Program
  5. Establish Parity in Funding for 1994 Land-Grant Institutions (TCUs) as members of the federal-grant system
  6. Create TCU specific programs within the U.S. Department of Education
  7. Double the Maximum Pell Grant Award
  8. Recognize the uniqueness of TCUs and ensure voluntary participation in the federal student loan program at the institutional level

See our full priorities document.

About Tribal Colleges and Universities

In a bold expression of sovereignty, American Indian tribal governments began chartering their own institutions of higher education—Tribal Colleges—in the late 1960s. Today, 36 Tribal Colleges and Universities operate more than 75 campus sites across 16 states, serving more than 160,000 American Indians and Alaska Natives each year in place-based academic and community outreach programs. Nurtured by and in turn nurturing the land, languages, cultures, and the distinct peoples who created them, TCUs are among the most dynamic components of the American higher education system.


AIHEC is the Tribal Colleges and Universities. Our Board of Directors is comprised of the presidents of our accredited member institutions. We advocate for stable and sufficient federal funding for both institutional operations and academic and community enhancing programs at TCUs. We work to sustain and increase funding for our colleges that are funded under the Tribally Controlled Colleges and Universities Assistance Act of 1978, and other relevant legislation and to identify new sources of funding throughout the federal government to advance the collective mission of our member institutions.