AIHEC Tribal College Journal (TCJ)

On behalf of the American Indian Higher Education Consortium's member tribal colleges and universities, TCJ provides information for everyone interested in American Indian higher education. TCJ's culture-based publication addresses subjects important to the future of American Indian and Alaska Native communities utilizing both journalistic and scholarly articles and has become a forum for college staff, faculty, administrators, and students to discuss their needs, successes, and evolving missions.

Nov. 14, 1989, the tribal college presidents on the AIHEC board passed a motion to support the journal to cover four quarterly issues. A hybrid of referred research and journalism, the journal fit into no established and proven niche. The AIHEC board gave it the editorial independence it needed to maintain credibility, so it was not a typical in-house publication.

AIHEC Tribal College Journal

Student Literary Website, online literary and art website, showcases the creative writing and artistic expression of students at tribal colleges and universities. The website gives students an audience for their work, a virtual community of peers and role models, and helps them find career and educational opportunities. Tribal college students are invited to contribute their writing and artwork at any time throughout the year.

Announcement: The Tribal College Journal is accepting submissions for its annual TCJ Student writing, art, and film contest. Winning entries will be featured in the fall issue of the journal. Official Guidelines and Entry Form »

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