AIHEC Sponsored Programs

The office of AIHEC Sponsored Programs (ASP) provides oversight and guidance in the administration of sponsored projects and helps to ensure that institutional policies and sponsor regulations are adhered to. ASP guides and assists the college community in the identification of funding resources, and assists in the review and approval of proposals requesting funds, and negotiates all grants and contracts with the sponsored programs.

Contact Erica Newland, Grants Administrative Assistant, with any comments, concerns, suggestions, or to request assistance.

AIHEC is pleased and excited to announce the four TCU awardees for the Tribal College and University Nation Building Initiative, established in partnership with the BNSF Railway Foundation to support projects that advance the common goal of AIHEC and the TCUs to support and further the Nation-building efforts of American Indian Tribes. The TCUs to receive a grant award are:

  1. Northwest Indian College: NWIC Online Course Development for the Tribal Governance and Business Management Program. NWIC will develop courses in their Tribal Governance and Business Management baccalaureate degree program for online delivery.
  2. Turtle Mountain Community College: Spirit to Spirit. TMCC's project will focus on leadership development as the culminating phase of a strategic planning and organizational re-structuring initiative that the college began in 2012, and is intended to significantly improve the college's instructional effectiveness and responsiveness to emerging challenges and opportunities.
  3. Little Big Horn College: Work Readiness Program. LBHC's project will supplement the college's existing Building Trades/Work Readiness Program with a new training program in heavy equipment operation, anticipating an increased demand for certified operators both for the local coal industry and anticipated construction projects on the Crow Nation.
  4. Southwest Indian Polytechnic Institute: Nation Building Curriculum Development: Entrepreneurship, Bookkeeping and a Special Topics Course with a Practicum in Tribal Issue Solving and Leadership. SIPI's project consists of two parts: Part 1 will involve the development of four courses to SIPI's Business Administration Program. Part 2 of the project will involve the development of a Special Topics Capstone Course in Tribal Leadership which will include a class project focused on addressing challenges in nearby tribal communities.