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First Americans Land-grant College Organization and Network (FALCON)
FALCON, established to ensure the well being of America's indigenous peoples by fostering communication, cooperation and professionalism among Tribal College Land Grant educators by:
  1. Promoting and preserving American Indian culture and language in all its professional activities
  2. Supporting member colleges in maintaining the unique identity of Tribal Colleges and Universities
  3. Fostering collaborative relationships among all Tribal College Land Grant educators
  4. Fostering equitable partnerships within the U.S. Land Grant system
  5. Providing a unified and collective voice that represents the common interests of its Land Grand professionals and enhances the image of the Tribal College Land Grant system
  6. Facilitating and support the professional development of its membership

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The AIHEC Land Center
The AIHEC Land Center is a resource center for sharing information and creating partnerships that help Tribal Colleges and Universities support American Indian farmers, ranchers, forest landowners, and fishers.