AIHEC Athletic Commission

AIHEC Athlete Committee & Athletic Commission

Tribal Colleges and Universities endorse the value of athletics as part of a holistic education program. AIHEC-sanctioned athletic competition is a privilege with academics acknowledged as a first priority for our students.

The AIHEC Athletic Commission was established in 2003 for the purpose of formalizing and governing the AIHEC athletic events. The Athletic Commission is a subcommittee which reports to the AIHEC Student Activities Committee.

AIHEC National Basketball Tournament

Opportuniy to host the 2017 AIHEC National Basketball Tournament. Individual Tribal Colleges and Universities; Partnerships of a “Lead TCU” and one or more other TCUs, other institutions, and/or private sector partners are eligible applicants. Submit your application before February 1, 2014. RFP Information »

AIHEC Scholar Athlete Award for the 2014 AIHEC National Basketball Tournament

The AIHEC Scholar Athlete is an outstanding Tribal College student athlete who participates in the Annual AIHEC National Basketball Tournament and exhibits academic excellence, a dedication to sportsmanship, and a devotion to their community. Each year, the athletic director or head coach of each tribal college that participates in AIHEC National Basketball Tournament will nominate a male athlete and a female athlete for the award. The nominee must meet the award eligibility and must submit an application by the deadline to their athletic director or coach for consideration. Applications should be sent the AIHEC Central Office by February 3, 2014. Information and Application Form »

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AIHEC Athletic Commission Constitution and Bylaws »

—Approved by the AIHEC Board of Directors October 2013