NSF-TCUP AIHEC Technical Assistance Program

AIHEC received funding from the National Science Foundation’s Tribal College and University Program (NSF-TCUP) to provide technical assistance to Tribal Colleges and Universities that are currently implementing or plan to implement projects funded by NSF-TCUP. The NSF-TCUP AIHEC Technical Assistance Program is a key component of AIHEC’s ongoing effort to improve American Indian student achievement in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), support TCUs in developing and sustaining high quality STEM education and research programs, and help ensure that American Indians have the tools needed to succeed in the national and global STEM workforces. For more information, please contact Al Kuslikis, 703.838.0400 x121. NSF-TCUP AIHEC Technical Assistance Program brochure »

AIHEC's NSF-TCUP Grant Preparation Worksheets

NSF-TCUP Project Management Workshop, January 20–21, 2012

NSF-TCUP Project Management Workshop, November 19–20, 2010

Workshop Documents: Indigenous Evaluation: