Research: AIHEC AIMS

AIHEC’s landmark data collection initiative, American Indian Measures of Success (AIHEC AIMS), was launched in 2004 with generous funding from the Lumina Foundation for Education. The AIHEC AIMS initiative defines measures for TCU success that are relevant to the colleges and their communities.

The AIHEC AIMS data collection instrument, AIMS Key Indicator System (AKIS), was developed based on input from AIHEC, TCUs, accrediting organizations, American Indian College Fund, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and others. AKIS incorporates unique measures of success that are not included in traditional higher education reporting requirements.

AIHEC AIMS helps build capacity in data collection and accountability at TCUs and, in doing so, strengthens the ability of TCUs to measure success, build the foundation for systemic program change, and ultimately increase the participation and success of American Indian students in higher education.

AIHEC AIMS consists of two parts—quantitative and qualitative. The numbers support the stories, and the stories bring the numbers to life. Together, they help to paint the picture and tell the story of the Tribal College Movement.


AIHEC American Indian Measures for Success (AIMS)
AIHEC AIMS is a data collection effort to develop cultural relevant indicators of success for Tribal Colleges and their communities.

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