American Indian Higher Education Consortium

American Indian Higher Education Consortium

AIHEC is the collective spirit and unifying voice of our nation's 37 Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs)—a unique community of tribally and federally chartered institutions working to strengthen tribal nations and make a lasting difference in the lives of American Indians and Alaska Natives. Since 1973, AIHEC serves its network of member institutions through public policy, advocacy, research, and program initiatives to ensure strong tribal sovereignty through excellence in American Indian higher education.

Tribal Colleges and Universities

TCUs were created in response to the higher education needs of American Indians and generally serve geographically isolated populations that have no other means accessing education beyond the high school level. TCUs have become increasingly important to educational opportunity for native American students and are unique institutions that combine personal attention with cultural relevance to encourage American Indians—especially those living on reservations—to overcome the barriers they face to higher education.

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member meetings

2015 Capitol Hill Visits PHOTO GALLERY

Fall 2015
October 15–18, 2015

Winter 2016
February 8–11, 2016

Spring 2016
March 12–13, 2016

2015 Capitol Hill Meeting with TCU presidents, staff, and students in Washington, D.C.

tribal news

Generation Indigenous Native Youth Challenge
AIHEC has joined the White House's Generation Indigenous Native Youth Challenge. Please read the AIHEC Gen-I Newsletter for a few examples of how TCUs are working to nurture and sustain Gen-I. TCU Update
Generation Indigenous Native Youth Challenge

Generation Indigenous trip to Northwest Indian College

Administrator Gina McCarthy and Aquaculture manager Flavian Point
EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and Flavian Point, Lummi Bay Aquaculture manager, look at mature geoducks raised at a shellfish hatchery. MORE
Photo courtesy of EPA

college spotlight

Leech Lake Tribal College

LLTC is the first Tribal College in the nation to join with Partnership for a Healthier America's Healthy Campus Eating Initiative. MORE

Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Insititue

Eight SIPI Engineering Programs students and faculty will participate in the NASA RockOn workshop at the Wallops Flight Facility. MORE
SIPI and the NASA RockOn workshop

2015 AIHEC Student Convention competition winners
2015 AIHEC Student Conference Traditional Plants and Herbs Competition Winners
Photo by Jaime Aguilar/American Indian College Fund
2015 AIHEC Student Convention competition winner
2015 AIHEC Student Conference
Chess Championship Winner Shawn Nez, Tohono O'odham Community College
Photo by Jaime Aguilar/American Indian College Fund
2015 Ms AIHEC
2015 AIHEC Student Conference
Ms. AIHEC, Kimberlee Belvins
Photo by Jaime Aguilar/American Indian College Fund